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Skills & Recognition

Certify You will recognise your experience and overseas qualifications and fast track you to acquiring a nationally recognised qualification.

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Our vision is to become one of the leading Educational Facilitators in the Australian market. In order to progress to our vision, we count on a healthy academic environment for our staff, assessors, trainers and learners, honesty and integrity, hard work, and excellent quality training packages including trainers, facilities and resources.

Is to strive to offer the best training and education programs possible. It is our intent to develop an organisation of quality and integrity that offers our clients nationally endorsed qualifications in a flexible learning environment.

At Certify You we believe that certain corporate values are the path to success, our values consist of but not limited to:

Doing the right thing enhances our reputation which adds to your certificate value. In addition, doing the right thing means doing it once and for good, this means more time for you being cost efficient to our academy. 

Only top quality services and products are offered to our learners. We spend the time, money and effort in order to ensure that our trainers are experienced and skillful in the delivery of the materials that they are to deliver to the student, using only the best quality resources in modern recent facilities.

In Certify You we listen to you and your needs in order to help you achieve your best once you graduate. Teaching methods can be customised in a fashion that is more efficient with the various groups yet compliant with Certify You policies and procedures.



Certify You is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), but we have entered into Partnership Agreements with many RTO’s across Australia to conduct training and assessment services on their behalf for our RPL and Students.

Our partnered RTO’s conduct constant reviews & assessments on our Assessors/Teachers to ensure all material is correctly presented and is within the Australian Educational Standards, after this is completed your Nationally Recognised Qualification is issued. So in simple, we are the Teachers & they are the ones that issue the certification according to our delivered teaching.

Being Educational Facilitators of such a vast Scope of Qualifications gives us an advantage to deliver a large range of qualifications, in return this is an advantage to our Students.

Via RPL granted qualifications or via Course Study, Certify You will help you reach your goals faster with confidence.

LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SERVICES – Continue browsing through our site. Browse through our RPL- Skills Recognition TAB to learn more about how we can Certify You without Studying. For Students looking to study a Nationally Recognised course, browse through COURSES under SERVICES Tab and also browse through VET FEE HELP tab to learn how the government could fund your next course.