Youth Programs

Education Services

Certify You believe in order to tackle the disadvantages of Youth today, we need to start with education as this is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing much more opportunity in to their lives.

Not all youth are capable of thriving in mainstream education. They often disengage entirely becoming a risk of social isolation and often become reliant on welfare without resourcing any avenues in employment and training.
Understanding this, Certify You have a great promotion to reengage our youth with the opportunity to achieve accredited certifications, enabling them to study in familiar surroundings where they are most comfortable and giving them the opportunity to integrate back in to mainstream society with confidence knowing they can further their employment prospects by holding a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

No upfront costs

VET FEE – HELP is a federal government initiative which gives the opportunity for eligible young people to study with no upfront costs until they are earning above the threshold criteria. Most courses also include a free laptop.

Our promotion to you

Certify You would like to offer you a $500 per eligible student referral fee that will be paid to your organisation in 2 installments. You will receive your first installment when they are enrolling and being approved by the department and the 2nd installment upon reaching half way through studying. If a student drops out after the 1st installment and before the 2nd installment, you do not have to reimburse the 1st installment.

You will need a class of 15-40 people and place where they can study in order to receive our $500 per student referral fee. It will be of best interest for young people to study in surroundings where they feel most comfortable in and are familiar with. Our Assessor will then come out to your facility and will teach them through the week.
If you are unable to provide an accessible classroom/space, Certify You are able make one available at our H/O, although the referral fee will be $250 per student instead of $500.

This is a great incentive for both you and the student. Our referral fee can be used to help kick start their career once qualified, by providing them with new work uniforms, finances to look or get to their new job or can be put towards your organisation directly to help fund any upcoming projects you may have.